Budgeting tool: A simple method to help couples with wedding planning.


Figures suggest that the average spend on weddings is about £32,000. However if this is NOT your average budget then how do you research budget planning? 

We have designed a simple system that has calculated the average percentage that couples spend on weddings.

Simply calculate the percantages of your budget and this will tell you roughly how much to save towards each aspect of your wedding.

Venue & Catering 50%

Image of South Farm

Wedding Dress 9%

Photography 8%

Entertainment 7%

Flowers 5.5%

Recommended florist Feather and Ferns

Decor 4%

Suits 4%

Cake 2%

Shoes & Rings 1.5%

Ethical Diamonds by Lydia McCarthy-Keen

Hair & Make Up 1%

Other things to consider

Give Notice will cost you around £500

Wedding Dress adjustments will be around £300


Use this as a guide only for budgeting as you may find that you overspend in areas and manage to avoid huge charges in others, due to DIY, friends helping you out or knowing people within the wedding business. Either way, we hope this helps with your wedding planning stages!

Written and edited by Janine Waterfall

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