An insight into creating a modern-luxe and sustainable wedding business, by Waterfall Wedding Decor.


Meet Craig

Our skilled craftsman building our furniture and props.


We are determined to develop designs that show our brides and grooms that you can produce a modern-luxe wedding with a sustainable twist. The sole focus on sustainability rears me off to the vision of a boho/rustic wedding with a ‘sitting on the floor’ feel, which is not for everyone. Our bespoke and contemporary decor has been consciously designed to fit into modern weddings and you can rest-assured this comes from a sustainable source.

1. Mass produce

We have decided that in order to make a difference, we had to start with our suppliers source. Importing can be a grey area for businesses and we did not want to fall into the trap or ordering from overseas and ignoring the source. Partnering with The White Company was an easy decision considering their stance on ethics. They ensure that products sourced and sold, have come from workers who are treated and paid fairly, do not work under inequality or unethical conditions and the monies paid go back into local communities promoting a sustainable welfare system. What this means for us, is that we can provide a modern-luxe range of glassware to dress our tables. They can be filled with scented candles and flowers to suit your contemporary theme. The White Company


Sourced Wood

All of our wood has been sourced from UK farms and is FSC Certified.

2. Plastics

Although it is possible to avoid plastics in weddings, we have come to the conclusion that it is essential for businesses to avoid them as much as reasonably possible, but just as important to utilise their existing plastics. We have plastic packaging protecting our glassware which we have decided to embrace and utilise rather than send to landfill and replace with costly alternatives which defeats the concept of sustainability. If we stopped producing plastics tomorrow and utilised what we have, we could reduce contamination of our land and seas, health risks associated with the latter but instead become creative with it. We admire companies such as ‘Ecobricks,’ who have already started to think about resourceful ways of using plastics. You never know, the future could be plastic made weddings, with plastic sculptures over ice. It’s out there but imagine being born in 1900 and being told ‘one day you will be able to talk to another person on the other side of the world with a small hand-held device,’ never say never!

3. Wood

This is a subject close to my husbands heart as he explains that the use of reclaimed wood, although a lovely idea, cannot withstand the force of table saws. This limits what can be made with reclaimed and considering our eyes are drawn to modern designs we had to make a decision of what is an ethical source of wood. We now source all of our wood from managed sustainable forests within England and Europe, where the standards are rigorous and guides them on how to care for woodlands appropriately, and all are FSC certified. We avoid endangered species such as Brazilian mahogany and ebony and when using oak, we only use english.


Quality Assurance

Having the tools and space for the job allows Craig to create his masterpieces.

4. Partnership

Apple, Virgin, Tesla and Amazon are all examples of hugely successful businesses and those built on partnerships. No successful business did this sheerly through sole trading, although they may have started this way, they quickly adapted and partnered up in order to survive and grow. Our continuing vision is to build our partnerships with those who have core values similar to our own and can bring something new and unique to the table. We have started this process already and we promote these through our website as we feel it is important to be supportive of each other's efforts, as well as making it easy for our clients looking for other wedding suppliers, with sustainability in their minds. Ultimately our business provides ethically sourced and bespoke tables, chairs and decor as well as a retro Booth that suits all settings.

Written and Edited by Janine Waterfall

Waterfall Wedding Decor