7 reasons why Wedding-Planning Checklists & Timelines are essential

“sorry whilst I just walk the dog before my wedding!”

“sorry whilst I just walk the dog before my wedding!”

Congratulations on your engagement! 

Now that you’re engaged I’m sure you’re feeling every type of emotion possible and probably feeling a bit overwhelmed, but mainly EXCITED!!! You’re about to marry the man you love and that is special!

We understand that the ideal scenario for planning a wedding would be to have 12 months off work, get plenty of beauty sleep and get paid more than you usually do along the way, however this is unlikely to happen! But believe it or not, you can plan a wedding and carry out all of your usual day-to-day tasks, and enjoy it!

The Ultimate Wedding-Planning Checklist and Timeline.

The Ultimate Wedding-Planning Checklist and Timeline.

“If you give yourself enough time to plan and sort the tasks month by month with a wedding-planning checklist and wedding timeline, the job becomes more fun and less stressful.” says BRIDES Magazine.

The secret to great planning, is to make small positive changes in every aspect required to plan weddings. A valuable tool once you are engaged would be to consider using a ‘Wedding-Planning Checklist and Timeline.’ These can help to keep your wedding planning under control and organised. Not only do they highlight all of the tasks and projects required to plan your wedding but it stores them all in one space in the form of lists.

They can highlight topics you may not have considered as well as inform you when to start thinking of doing others. Pinterest is full of them which are fab however they miss the interactive element, making these in effect quite challenging to use!

Ideally your planning will start 12-14 months before your wedding, however the benefits of the timeline aspect mean that it is never too late to start this process to, so if you’re half way to getting married and feeling particularly overwhelmed and are looking for some support then you can jump right in!

Why are ‘Wedding-Planning Checklist and Timelines’ so good?

  • Staying Organised

    It sounds like such a straightforward task but many of us struggle with this. Having a checklist is your wedding ‘to-do list.’ The timeline element will keep you focused and puts your mind at ease that you are on track with your planning. Whether you save it to your phone, print or both, you can do what works for you in order to keep up to date!

    TIP: Get a diary to coincide with your checklist. Any bookings with suppliers can be put into the diary and ticked off of your list!

  • Planning Ahead

The benefit of seeing whats coming next month is a great advantage because you can compartmentalise any projects that you have been organising that month, relax, and move onto the next confidently knowing that this is no longer urgent.

TIP: Working your way through tasks will help you to feel productive and organised.

  • Identifying your Tasks

Planning a wedding is a big project filled with mini projects and small tasks. Mini projects are the main topics such as ‘Venue’, ‘Food’, ‘Styling’ and ‘Floristry.’ In order to complete the mini projects you need to identify and carry tasks. Ultimately this will take you plenty of time and is a project in itself! Save yourself the stress and time because Wedding Checklists have done this for you!

  • Reducing Stress

“If you give yourself enough time to plan and sort the tasks month by month with a wedding-planning checklist and wedding timeline, the job becomes more fun and less stressful.” says BRIDES Magazine. (“Believe me, they have a lot of experience in planning weddings”). This comes back to the idea of staying organised and keeping on track with planning as this keeps you in a positive mindset!

  • Everything is Covered

Some are brief so make sure you choose a comprehensive checklist that has the important ‘timeline’ element. The simple trick to identifying these will be the size of the documents. If the checklist fits onto an A4 sized sheet, this may be lacking some key points. Consider larger checklists in a timeline because they may look daunting but remember these are covering all of your tasks, and you will be working your way through these over 12-14 months ideally or wherever you pick up from!

  • Interactive Elements

Whether you print this off or edit on your phone, it can help to cross out or tick tasks once complete. It is all psychological and visually, by no longer seeing the task or ticking it off, your mind gives you a big pat on the back and say’s well done!

  • Avoid Errors

By having your ‘to-do list’ and working your way through, this will avoid missing things. Without a ‘Wedding-Planning Checklist and Timeline’ you risk missing tasks, deadlines and potentially completing projects.

Ultimately, by having a ‘Wedding-Planning Checklist and Timeline’ at any point during your wedding planning can help to make your experience of wedding planning enjoyable!

They are easy to access and can be stored on your phone!

We hope this article helps you!

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Key points to take away:

  • You can start planning anytime

  • Get a diary alongside the checklist (or use google calendar alerts)

  • Make sure the checklist is comprehensive

  • Print off, keep in view and cross off tasks once complete

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Other important elements to enjoying the experience of planning your own wedding include:

  • Buy a Diary

Carry this with you along with some colourful pens and make sure you check it regularly, we all can relate to the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

  • Set up a Wedding Email

    Call it ‘yourname&yourfiance@wedding2020.com and avoid getting lost in the spam!

  • Talk to Others

    Join a Facebook Group filled with brides and local-to-you supplier and interact so you get the support from those who truly understand.

  • Craft Days

    Why not get your friends and family over. It isn’t such a daunting task when there are 5 of you on board!

  • Exercise

    If you don’t get up and go then your mindset is bound to be slow.

  • Meditation

    Take an hour out before bed to relax in some way! Read a book or take a long bath.

  • Eat Healthy

    Nutrition is everything. Eat plenty of you 5 a day. TIP: to stay energised eat plenty of dark leafy greens for a B vitamin hit!


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Written and edited by Janine Waterfall

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