4 ways to find local bands to play at my wedding.
  1. Have you heard of hitched? It is a really useful website where many local bands are listed making it easy for you to find them. It is ideal because these bands are likely to already have experience playing at weddings and may come with some reviews. How it works? All you need to do is choose from the subjects and your region, find local bands and enquire through the website or contact direct. What’s right/wrong with it? The concept is straightforward and I like this website however, some regions have much more choice than others and this is simply because of how the website is run. Unfortunately bands pay annually to be on here meaning not all will be.

  2. Encore is simple and easy to use. Similar to hitched, this is a database of musicians paying to be on the site, however this is includes a variety of musicians. How it works? This clever website takes you through a mini questionnaire, asking things like when is your event? What type of musician would you like? What is your budget? and after punching in your email, you wait for a response direct from them. What’s right/wrong with it? Although the concept is fab, being impatient as most these days, waiting for a response proves a challenge. Additionally, it is the uncertainty of whether you will even receive one.

  3. Now personally this website excited me.. The Morris Agency in my opinion is most impressive as it provides short videos of each band. How it works? Just choose the category i.e. wedding bands and browse. What’s right/wrong with it? So it can’t all be perfect and being honest this isn’t a biggy but it doesn’t mention anything about cost, it just gives a very lengthy paragraph almost justifying that we should be spending fortunes on the band over other aspects which never sits right with anyone. However, many of these bands are willing to travel to most of the UK and even europe, meaning you have a great choice and the opportunity to bring them with you if you are getting married abroad. And I do agree with that most of your guests will be talking about your music years down the line and not your cake.

  4. Keep your Local newspaper or gazette, refrain from recycling it straight away! This is because in the back of these beauties are usually local events including gigs. Here you may consider the option to just attend a local do and ask bands direct. This may even get you access to a real gem at half the cost and the bonus is, you’ve already seen them live so you know they’re good.

Written and edited by Janine Waterfall

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