4 points why you should consider hiring decoration for your wedding

  1. Avoid Stress

    Weddings are a costly matter and understandably we may be looking for ways to save those pennies. Decorating our own wedding can be a way to do this however the time spent searching for ideas, sourcing the items and practising can prove to be a catalogue for chaos. By no means is this task a walk in the park especially on the run up to your big day. Organising time to do this alongside all the looming tasks ahead, alongside enjoying the moments, can be stressful. These days you can achieve a sensational centrepiece at a fair price with hiring and avoid the risk of feeling overwhelmed with the task of decorating your own wedding. Hiring allows you to give it all back afterwards and not spend the next day collecting and storing it all.

  2. Time

    We are a nation of busy bee’s. Most of us barely have time to do all of the things we would truly like to do and decorating a wedding can be a daunting task. Initially you may think it is realistic and if you are aiming for simplistic and minimal then you may actually achieve what you aim for. On the other hand, if you have a vision of a grand wedding or even rustic styles, without the knowledge of how to achieve this and time to learn, you may struggle. If you are determined then maybe seek advise as most hiring businesses are happy to help and you may end up getting the advise you need or even some guidance at a small fee. Either way hiring stock is straightforward and gives you piece of mind and time to relax and focus on other important factors such as finding a dress and getting to those yoga classes before your big day.

  3. Money

    Hiring businesses vary in cost, it is not all expensive and sometimes you can end up hiring a higher quality product compared to what you can afford. Businesses can afford to hire them at a fraction of the cost because what you are hiring will be borrowed time again. This means you can achieve your ideas without busting the bank.

  4. Pinterest

    This tool is an endless pit of inspirational ideas. Some of these ideas may pose as a light project, however what you may not realise is that many of these are professional photoshoots organised by experts in the industries. What looks like something achievable and simple, actually took much thought and precision. If you are in to your crafts then designing and creating then these tasks may be an exciting project however if you are like many that find these tasks daunting and out of reach then hiring and even considering asking the expert to set up and down the decoration may be a stress free option. Doing the design with an expert can be fun and exciting as they can guide you through the process and create your vision in an often effortless fashion.

Written and edited by Janine Waterfall of Waterfall Wedding Decor

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