5 points to consider when planning a sustainable wedding.


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by Waterfall Wedding Decor

Living eco-consciously is a lifestyle choice and one that many of us are actively seeking out in the new world. We are evolving to be more aware and mindful of how we live and act. We are focussing on leaving that positive environmental footprint in our paths, in the hope to inspire the next generation. This lifestyle doesn’t stop at weddings but if you, like many others, wish to plan a sustainable wedding, here are some tips to consider...  


It is no mystery that in today’s world we are huge consumers in disposables and plastics. The key to planning an eco-conscious wedding is to think about other resources available and to choose their biodegradable alternatives. Confetti can come as the real deal these days, made from leaves and petals, so you can avoid using their pesky polluting  plastic or paper relatives. Choosing tap water over bottled for your guests is ideal, as only an astonishing 9% of our plastics are sent for recycling. This means masses will remain on the planet for hundreds and thousands of years. Every bottle counts and tap water is safe to drink and contains many essential minerals required for a healthy diet.


Most of us probably do not regard flower wastage as a considerable factor however, a truly sustainable wedding should be baring this credible thought in mind. Why not explore a more green approach and contemplate plants such as ferns. Alternatively, you can dry flowers easily at home and use as decoration around your home or after the wedding you can brighten someone’s day by donating these ‘still in their prime’ flowers to your guests as gifts. Also it is important to ask your florist what they will be using as an oasis for floral decor. Many are made from foam which is not biodegradable. There are biodegradable versions available these days that work the same way therefore I am sure your florist would be more than happy to use them.


Paper is the result of nearly 4 billion trees being cut down annually and the trees that farm paper are resulting in masses of air, water and land pollution. Recycled paper is manufactured at a high quality these days and is sustainable. Additionally, ethically sourced cotton and hemp napkins not only look better than paper but are better for the environment. It is a good idea to choose organic where possible as cotton production via the fashion industry is often intensive on water demand and polluting of the local communities water supply. If you are not supplying these yourself and it concerns you, then ask the supplier i.e. the venue, what they will be using and if these are ethically sourced.


Do any of us truly know where our products have come from. I know I struggle to research the facts of where some of my belongings were manufactured. Information overload comes to mind when researching ethics. If something has been deemed fair trade, is this true? Either way, my advice would be to buy local and organic where possible. Google for reviews and any potential exposures of unethical trading. If you can afford a little extra, then handmade items are a good source and made in the UK or Europe where there are stricter regulations then this may give you piece of mind.


Weddings can require a huge demand of energy in order to create a starlit mood for you and your guests. LED and solar powered lights omit far less energy wastage, meaning they are a friendlier option to contemplate when creating that sustainable wedding. Additionally, soy candles are a safer and healthier option over traditional paraffin candles. Paraffin is derived from petroleum and is not good for your health nor the environment as it is derived from beeswax and animal derivatives (both industries having major impacts on our climate). Soy candles have no links to health concerns, are vegan and promote the production of the organic soybeans, which are sustainable (unlike the mass GM soy productions).

Good luck with creating your sustainable wedding, i hope this helps you to make a start. Every step you take towards creating an eco-minded wedding will be a step in the right direction.

Written and edited by Janine Waterfall

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