10 wedding decor trends to look out for in 2019


Minimalist and bold colours is what 2019 has in store for us. No more sticking to a, maximum 2, colour theme. There will be a focus on sustainability, bringing the outdoors in and taking the indoors out! Lounging areas outside are a growing trend set to hit us this year, so keep your Pinterests up to date for inspiration. Sustainability is an exciting prospect for those who are already eco-minded, as there are more and more small businesses popping up now selling handmade and ethically-sourced items. Here are some of the trends to look out for and inspire this coming year.


This screams luxury and it is! This luxury fabric is surprisingly versatile. The concept is to create a range of textures into your setting. Whether it be the napkins on, or next to your plate, or the runner laid on your elegantly dressed table with eucalyptus, glassware and candles. Create a lounge area which oozes elegance and style with fabrics such as velvets. Sofas are making their way into weddings this year and in particular, made of velvet, where your guests can relax outside with nature in style.


Towards the end of 2018 we noticed a surge of interest in ferns and this look will continue to be a strong one. Ferns are a great option to save money for those on a budget and can be given as a keepsake to your guests after the big day. They suit multiple looks, whether you keep it simple in pots or flower beds, or you liven things up with some geometric styles, incorporating them into a terrarium.


Jump on board with many this year and consider the environment during your wedding planning. Searching for these things can be a choir to say the least and with our busy western lifestyles, if you can stretch your budget, I would highly recommend a wedding planner to assist you with these finer details. However, do not despair as getting involved with this movement is not only humbling on the inside but can achieve a breathtaking and unique look that your guests will be oozing over. If you are getting married in a marquee or tipi then building your wedding from the ground up gives you endless options to explore. Hiring the right tables, chairs, cutlery, lighting, entertainment, food and florals can all be apart of the adventure and totally satisfying.


Copper has always been a winning colour to me, so I am glad to see this quality material will still be on trend for the upcoming year. Its versatility makes it a complimentary choice to many looks. In particular, copper rust is proving popular, so look out for this. Custom cutlery, centrepieces, signage and table plans are popular choices for copper design. Structural elements such as copper frames around the cake and vase frames are on trend and giving your wedding the edge.

Lounge areas

Last year we saw lots of rustic log work and foliage incorporated into our wedding design. This year however, although we still love the nature look indoors, we will be seeing more and more lounging areas outdoors with sofas, stools and coffee tables. Modern and luxurious living room placed amongst nature.

Scented candles

Most of us enjoy a scented candle, and now they are making there way into weddings. Personally I cannot imagine a flavour in the air, especially over dinner however, many are doing this overseas already. This is all associated with creating the ambience and providing you and your guests with the ultimate experience. Many will love this and will be in their element choosing the flavour combinations for different areas of the venue. The idea of having a lounging area with aroma does sounds rather relaxing.

Wooden and Ceramic Boxes

Say goodbye to the rustic crates and hello to clean and contemporary crates. Flower beds in crates with bursting vibrant colours with a clean and finished look is what many are posing at the centre of their tables this year. We want to bring the outdoors in but we don’t want it to look like we renched it from the garden anymore, we want clinically clean crates with not an ounce of soil in sight, as thought he flowers sprouted out from the crate alone. Personally, I love this look as it is a timeless look that most will enjoy.

Structural Elements

Geometric shapes are making their way onto our centrepieces. Terrariums and lanterns with bursting florals or ferns. Triangle wedding arches are certainly eye catching and unique, and a perfect location for photographs. Wooden beams with lighting wrapped around and outdoor swings are making an appearance. Any of these ideas will set the trend for your 2019 wedding, accompanied by some stunning florals.

Pampas Grass

If you have a keen eye then keep them peeled for this tall grass, as it can be found growing wild roadside, near riverbanks, steep cliffs and open areas (steer clear of the steep cliffs however). This beautiful plant can be utilised into many aspects of your day such as table runners, centrepieces, incorporated into arches and potted around in vases. If you are sourcing yourself, they tend to keep their colour well without the need for water, lasting months. Handle with care though as a vigorous brush past may disassemble their beautiful fluffy texture.

Grazing Stations

Move over donuts and sweets, we want savoury this year. Whatever your chosen diet, this option is available to many. Caterers are providing grazing stations such as anti-pasti, cheese boards, buddha bowls and so much more. If you have a preference then most caterers will adjust a menu to suit your style and many offer tasting before the big event. If you are on a budget then many hotels weddings will allow you to make your own spread design with some provided extras and some even set it up for you, if you ask nicely!

Written and edited by Janine Waterfall

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